thinking out of the box! respecting whats inside it.

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Hi everyone,

here we will talk about alot of things starting from how important is it to understand the unpredictability of human beings, how society has generalised all of us, how we can choose not to mold ourselves according to the people around us,and truly many more things which  are not given importance nowadays. i would like to share my experiences as well and also being an accepting person i would  like to welcome the criticism!

Aditi kanojia



Queer us!


Today here when we are so busy talking about other things like careers,
economy,relations,personalities etc I would like you to draw your attention
to us!
Talking about humans is interesting, it was interesting to learn 
that we have evolved from monkeys or we were in one of the branches 
of the tree in the yards of god's house( trust me, this was really 
enthralling)! The human being is a complex matter and some people
believe that trying to understand about life and what it means 
to be human is a futile undertaking.I somewhat agree with it.

Talking about being human is even more interesting!
how human can a human be?oh well,we will talk about that also.

According to an ancient marxist: A study of a man is man himself.
so what are humans beings? scientists call us homo sapiens where as 
scriptures call us nephesh. according to scriptures we are spiritually 
different from animals. they say we have a spiritual aspect to ourselves
on the other hand we are called as tainted evil as well and yet we asked 
to behave morally.
 now,this is queer!